Refugees In Danger: Iranian Military Agents Infiltrate Iraqi Government

Washington Free Beacon, 17 September 2014

The newly appointed Iraqi ministers of communications and municipalities are both said to be active and paid members of Iran’s Quds Force, a paramilitary group implicated in terrorist activities throughout the region, according to information provided by the Ashraf Campaign (ASHCAM), which advocates for Iranian refugees.

ASHCAM felt it necessary to release the sensitive information to help preempt any attempts by the new Iraqi government to harm Iranian refugees and opposition members currently living in exile in Iraq’s Camp Ashraf, a refugee camp subject in the past to violent massacres.

“Given the regime’s cowardly predilection for acting against these refugees through its Iraqi proxy militias and agents of influence in Baghdad, we felt it appropriate to release this information at this time,” Jacob Campbell, ASHCAM’s co-chairman, said in a statement.

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Camp Ashraf Massacre, A Year Later

The Hill, 17 September 2014

The Sept. 1, 2013, massacre of Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, was without a doubt one of the more heinous crimes of the Iraqi government during Nouri al-Maliki’s eight-year tenure as prime minister.

Now marking its first anniversary, the incident has once again become the focus of attention among human rights groups and activists. A professional and independent report published recently by the London-based Human Security Center (HSC) think tank and the Ashraf Campaign, a human rights organization dedicated to defending the rights of Iranian refugees in Iraq, shed light on the history and perpetrators of the Sept. 1 massacre at Camp Ashraf, located 60 miles north of Baghdad.

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